Tearist- Living: 2009-Present LP

$ 14.00

Wierd now has coopies of the excellent new live LP from Tearist from maximal electronic Los Angeles! We've been graced by the eminently handsome duo both at the Wierd Party in NYC last year as well as the first wild night of the Wierd Festival in L.A. in 2009, and their fantastically visceral live shows keep getting better and better. Yasmine Kittles, who says she’s influenced by Artaud’s Theatre Of Cruelty (etc.) and records with Former Ghosts, is the primary focus of the PPM (and Pictureplane)stamped duo with ex-Silver Daggers/No Age touring member William Strangeland on synthesizers. Thats the ever-lovely Ms. Yasmine on the cover of the band’s first full-length LP Living: 2009-Present. You've seen Lady Kittles smash and scrape metal while singing for her life, when if shot with the right lens may take you back to Neubauten-era Berlin in a dingy bombed out industrial basement via No Age NYC summoning the spirit of a disease-ridden lunch with Teenage Jesus and the Jerks. Documenting that live energy of their performances, Living isn’t a typical debut LP: The songs here are a collection of “audience recordings made in warehouses, lofts, [and] concert halls.” As they explain it, “multiple versions and performance tapes are spliced, mashed, layered, collapsed and collaged to create an organically flowing album. Full songs cut with snippets and interludes capture the band in its early formation.”

A1 Civil [Clip]
A2 Headless
A3 Lo V
A4 Wiped Out
A5 Closest [Clip]
B1 Break Bone
B2 End Flux
B3 Without One [Clip]
B4 Civilization