Staccato du Mal- Desespero 7"

$ 6.00

Wierd is proud to present the first single Desespero from Staccato du Mal's forthcoming debut album Sin Destino. SdM is the solo project of Ramiro Jeancarlo from Miami, Florida, who has long been a beloved member of the Wierd Records family - performing as a member of both Opus Finis and Flesh Graey Display and appearing on both of the Wierd Compilation collections. Staccato du Mal summons the hot and dirty post-coital Miami sun, performing on entirely homemade and modified analogue gear, to produce a menacingly nihilistic, sinister sound seething with wild confrontational energy. With vocals in both English and Spanish, the forthcoming debut album is informed by Jeancarlo’s half Chilean, half Venezuelan background. Pervasive throughout the LP is an aura of dread and claustrophobia that without a doubt evokes the brutally hot, dry, lonely landscape and architecture of Southern Florida. Despite this disorienting feeling, there are inspired moments of resolution where warm, delicately sensitized melodies and sparkling psychedelic soundscapes counter the bleakness. On 'Desespero', Jeancarlo’s pleas to “let me in, I want in” are frighteningly forward but made inviting against a danceable and very accessibly inviting synthpop background.

A. Desespero [Clip]
B. Conducir