Sleep Museum- Replica CD

$ 10.00

This is the third disk in the Bloodlust! Sleep Museum series, a continuing exploration of the (inner) frontiers of sound. Replica finds Sleep Museum at 3 am on the dark streets of Hamburg, looking for that strange bar on the colder side of the Elbe, down by the river where dawn never really arrives. "Body In Question" pulses with a shoegazing melancholia, the blurred beat of memory fading in motion and toil. "In Persistence, Pain" brings us to the dance floor, slicing arpeggios backing a painfully cynical look at the human condition. "None But This" takes us down to zero, absolute zero — music for driving the autobahn in a state of terminal fugue. "Recombinate" picks up the beat with a flanged bass as "Tar" pays a visit to a surreal landscape of pick-up-sticks drumbeats and melting synth: hot streets, tar, bitter persistence, zen misery to a double back beat. "In Time" is a dark, growling landscape of unearthly voices and experimental synth, dense and unyielding -- it clocks in at 32 minutes, time enough to get lost in the void. Professionally duplicated CD, single panel, double-sided insert; color artwork; in jewel box with shrinkwrap.

1. Body In Question [Clip]
2. In Times Of Persistence, Pain [Clip]
3. None But This [Clip]
4. Recombinate [Clip]
5. Tar [Clip]
6. In Time [Clip]