Sleep Museum- Home CD

$ 10.00

Sleep Museum returns to Bloodlust! for the 4th in a series of EPs. Home is entirely new Sleep Museum: recorded in the confused swelter of summer 2008, it ranges from the deep and petulant bass sounds of "Solace" to the tortured soundscapes of "Bone In Leg," a 35 minute evisceration in tone. Love is lost in the choral pain of "Virtue" and entirely abnegated in "Give It Away." Down in the basement, where the will to live has replaced oxygen and your closest friend is the sweat on your back, "Without Foresight" whiles away the ever-night.

1. Virtue [Clip]
2. Give It Away [Clip]
3. Solace [Clip]
4. With Foresight [Clip]
5. Bone In Leg [Clip]