Redrot- Psychobondage LP

$ 14.00

The ultra perverted, triumphantly kinky, wildly fucked up and totally sleazed-out new EP from Redrot aka Ryan Oppermann aka 'The Rotbrain' from Detroit, MI is here and its his heaviest and most refined effort yet! The WIERD first met the Rotten world when Ryan blew us away opening for Martial Canterel at the great Contemporary Art Institute, Detroit back in 2008. Redrot perfectly traverses an infestedly decaying tightrope between the worlds of modern minimal synth, death industrial, and mid-90s power electronics - particularly the all powerfully sadistic Italian blend of the genre a la Atrax Morgue, The Sodality or Iugula Thor...think Great White Death-era Whitehouse if William B. was swapped out for an 11 year old kid who'd been tied up and locked in his room for months with the heat shut off and only a drum machine and a few rusty coat hangers to scrape against an old piece of rusted sheet metal in the corner. Fans of the more eroticized side of dark New Wave such as Fad Gadget, Die Form, or The Normal as well as the more experimental breed of minimal electronics(18:e Oktober, Twilight Ritual, Opus Finis) will here find a new outlet to release your daily accumulation of pathos and blast this nasty beast night after night...whatever you're feeling, seriously, rest assured...its nothin compared to this. Rock solid, kick ass, wonderfully terrifying record.

1. Open Gate
2. Choke
3. Psycho Bondage
4. Crawling Dead Sex [Preview]