Martial Canterel- Cruelty Frames Our Age CDr

$ 10.00

A gathering together of twelve forgotten pieces and experiments from 2003-2007; Produced for and sold during the 'Cruelty Reigns in the Midwest' tour, October 2008, Cruelty Frames Our Age is a kind of quick tribute to Chondritic Sound's Cruelty Reigns Through Ages K7s (CH-216/CH-216x) which were very quickly snatched up within weeks of their original release. Four of the songs on the CDr were not issued on the K7s, including 2 instrumentals.

1 Insides
2 Forest Of Opera
3 Madrigals
4 Against The Age
5 Haunted By...
6 Cruelty Reigns Through Ages
7 I Fail Another Time
8 Rare Tears
9 Efface (Version)
10 Hinting At Answers
11 The Witness
12 Rustique