Envenomist- Bound Dominions CD

$ 10.00

Our long time friend David Reed aka Envenomist has graced us with his chilling presence on the Wierd party stage numerous times over the years, as well as dropping two terrifying brilliant trax on the Wierd Compilation Volume II, and here presents his excellent new full-length Bound Dominions, perhaps his most refined effort yet. Envenomist is a true master of analogue synthesis, evoking a very particular mood that is so unique and entirely his own its almost like a hidden trapdoor opens in your speakers and he slides out into your room to have the dreaded intimate conversation you always feared, or perhaps better yet sits back like an analyst behind the controls as he watches your life fall apart with pleasure...whether the perverse pleasures are yours or David's its always hard to say or feel...and feeling is the key with this record. The powerfully visceral electronic intensity somehow simultaneously conjures your bleakest inner anxieties and darkest violent sadistic sexual fantasies is a joy to behold...or be fantastically destroyed by. Come swim in the depths as the black beasts rip your sad flesh apart as you gaze up at the surface with delight! Very Rare indeed...

1. Judgement [Clip]
2. Aurora
3. Writhing Towers [Clip]
4. Overthruster
5. Masks
6. Dominion [Clip]