Denner- Nouvelle Bretagne LP

$ 14.00

Wierd is proud to say we now have copies of the fantastic debut LP from Denner Nouvelle Bretagne in stock!  Denner is the new cold guitar wave group masterminded by Wierd's forever beloved, long-time friend and hero Gilles Le Guen from Rennes, France with Adam Humphreys and Mike Pate from Brooklyn on guitar and bass respectively. It was Gilles who singlehandedly brought the sound of 'La Vague Froide' to the US from France with his now absolutely legendary underground late-night dance parties and DJ mix compilation series 'Decadanse' in Brooklyn beginning in the late 90s - a scene which served as a great inspiration to us all, and out of which the Wierd weekly party was born.

Honestly I cannot recommend this record highly enough - very rarely does a band convey the true essence of the seminal spirit the Cold Wave was born out of as this album does - the restrained, romantic sound of the frozen, expansive rocky, wind-blown cliffs and arid, wildly alive, icy fields that compose the landscape of the Brittany region of northwestern France.  Inspired equally by the originary cult bands of the Rennes cold wave scene in the early 80s - Marquis de Sade, Complot Bronswick, End of Data, Tanit etc., the first wave of 90s shoegaze groups in the UK, and the classic, anthemic sound of the great Celtic post-punk groups(early U2, The Waterboys, New Model Army, Virgin Prunes); Denner presents an undeniably contemporary collection of 8 epic trax one could only righty name as 'La Vague Froide moderne' - a new cold sound for an old cold world.  Adam's richly textural, shimmering, soaring guitar textures alternatingly backed by both drum machine and a live high-end-heavy kit summoning the ghost of the great Martin Hannett provide a perfect backdrop for Gilles' echo-laden, affirmatively mournful voice, effortlessly switching between Frence and English and drowning in the massiveness of the world. This opus is perfectly balanced - ranging from downtempo, spaciously introspective trax(the dramatic, chill-inducing opener 'Nouvelle Bretagne', 'I Sold My Bones', 'In Limbo'); privately fragile, jewel-like love ballads('You Seem so Far Away'); to aggressively melodic, humanistic sing-a-long trax for early morning bar brawls amongst friends('Antimeridian', 'Cold in Rags') Denner do it all on this album...these will be gone in 5 minutes, hopefully you'll be fortunate enough to grab one before they are...Very Rare forever.  Beautiful full-color jacket with 18" x 24" fold out insert poster, complete with free Download link to MP3s of the entire collection!

1. Antimeridian
2. You Seem So Far Away [Clip]
3. You Sold My Bones
4. Speak Low
5. Nouvelle-Bretagne
6. Cold In Rags [Clip]
7. On Parole
8. In Limbo