Automelodi- Fait Ses Courses CD

$ 9.00

In anticipation of their live US debut in a series of concerts in New York at the weekly party and supporting Xeno & Oaklander in April, Wierd is proud to now have the debut CD Fait Ses Courses by Automelodi from Montreal now in stock! This carefully crafted 6 track release is a guaranteed dancefloor-burner, providing a truly modern synthesis of the cold uptempo analogue electronics of classic French Minimal Synth, the raw, sardonic heat-seeking swagger of early Italo Disco, and the icy, razor blade guitar and live drum sound of the great Vague Froide bands. We only have a limited quantity of these in stock to hold everyone over until Xavier and Co. wrap up the recordings for their debut full-length coming later this year so grab one while you can!

1. Buanderie Jazz [Clip]
2. Soubrette / Sous-entendu [Clip]
3. Schéma Corporel [Clip]
4. Out Of Sync
5. Ciao! Ciao. Ciao?
6. Hidden Bonus Track ???