Xeno and Oaklander- Vigils CDr

$ 11.00

Wierd is happy to announce the debut EP from Xeno and Oaklander is back in stock! Recorded entirely live in one go on October 1st, 2006, and played to loving death by all of the DJs at the Wierd weekly party for the past two years, Vigils is now a classic document of the many multifaceted musical activities of Miss Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride (aka Martial Canterel). Uptempo cold, distant, echo-laden synthesizers and drum machines provide a spacious, melancholic backdrop for Miss Liz's complex ephemeral lyrical presence. These 8 trax are both intimately fragile and psychedelic suggesting an electronic equivalent of the British shoegaze bands while maintaining the wildly aggressive stripped-down DIY spirit of punk that informed the ideals of the originary wave of European minimal electronic bands. This second edition of 150 copies also contains the additional track 'Cold Forever', recorded in late 2005 which originally appeared on the Wierd Compilation (2006)

1. An Introduction
2. Départ
3. Zurück
4. Blue Flower
5. Non Senti
6. Vigils
7. Two Eyes

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