Anatomy of Habit- Anatomy of Habit LP

$ 14.00

Chicago's Anatomy of Habit are a musical entity like none other. While veteran listeners of dark, difficult, and heavy music may detect elements of perennial acts from Swans to Neurosis to early Neubauten, newcomers will discover something at once melodic, moody, and punishing. Their debut LP is comprised of only two 16+ minute tracks that peak with thunderous walls of guitar and industrial noise, and settle into gentle, yet tense interludes. Beyond any single genre or subgenre of music, Anatomy of Habit has created a towering, patient sonic work for people who prefer the most challenging and confrontational aspects of that universe. Fans of classic post-punk, death rock, and industrial music will be in for a wild ride here, and find it hard to take this one off your turntable, or out of your mind. The sleeve and design are beautiful, with a black and white die-cut sleeve that holds a metallic silver and black heavyweight Euro-style innersleeve. This incredible album is certain to be near the top of our favorite releases of 2011! Get yourself a Habit, and feel the darkness tear you apart.

A. Overcome [Clip 1] [Clip 2]
B. Torch [Clip 1] [Clip 2]


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